Frequently Asked Questions

Is auditing different from verification?

Yes.  A large focus for verification companies is on the pre-bid to confirm whether the user is human, or if the site is real, or if there is any malware or viruses or bots. Auditier functions post-impression (after the ad impression has already passed muster with the ad verification folks) and audit the actual paid impression. 

What is 'digital ad auditing'?

Digital ad auditing is the process of analyzing live impression data (i.e., placement, size, context, density, share of voice) and cross referencing with the targeting data (i.e., what the advertiser targeted and paid for in their media plan). 

For example, if you targeted 'sports contextual' and 'large video player' and 'pre-roll' in your media buy, then our machine learning will process all your paid impressions to automatically see if sports, large sized pre-roll is what you actually received.

Why should I audit my digital ads?

Because the whole industry is "self regulated". 

And no one has yet gone to jail for stealing digital ad dollars.

 This combination of self regulation and immense profitability has made ad fraud a giant game of "whack-a-mole" for media buyers. Auditing regains control and, best of all, saves money!