At least 30% of all digital advertising is running on fraudulent or misrepresented inventory. 

It impossible for humans to analyze millions, or even billions, of digital ad impressions. We use artificial intelligence to automate the ad audit process and make it easy for marketers to analyze each ad impressions in real-time.

The Technology

We've developed intelligent ad audit technology that analyzes every impression and provides marketers with the most advanced, transparent, and accurate data on exactly where their ads served. 

Our technology functions post-impression and captures a fingerprint (size, placement, context, supply source, etc.). Via our automated ad audit technology (patent pending) we're able to leverage live impression data to help advertisers qualify and understand if they are getting what they are paying for. 


How It Works

Auditier focuses on several key elements to identify misrepresented inventory: 

  1. ad size
  2. ad type
  3. ad placement
  4. context environment
  5. # of ads on the page
  6. autoplay or user initiated

The combination of these elements with additional weights comprise an overall ad quality score for each impression. Via this data and our technology, advertisers can hold supply partners accountable and optimize out of Misrepresented Inventory. 



Post-Campaign Audit:

Zero integration or trafficking required. Simply send us a report with the full path URL of where the ads were served. Our A.I. will crawl each URL provided and analyze its elements (i.e., context, ad types, etc).

Live-Campaign Audit:

Append our industry standard 1x1 pixel and traffic as you normally do / let our technology take it from there.